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Tastes Just Like A Cabbage Roll Soup

Since I stopped eating meat, there are some things I miss; bacon, chicken wings, pulled pork, Big Macs, and cabbage rolls. I love cabbage rolls. They are meaty and starchy and comforting and… Continue reading

French Onion Soup

So I know that EVERYONE is under the impression that French Onion soup needs beef broth and soggy bread to be awesome…and to be honest French Onion Soup with both of those things… Continue reading

Winter Vegetable Soup

I also call this soup “Don’t Get Sick” Soup, because it kicks ass at keeping you healthy when everyone else has a brutal cold. In fact, the veggies in the soup are all… Continue reading

The White Evils

Meet the white evils: -White flour. -White sugar -White-fleshed potatoes. -White rice. -High fructose corn syrup & other corn products. -Margarine (and vegetable oil) -Aspartame and artificial sweeteners These foods are evil because… Continue reading