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Levels of Awesome

Healthy food is typically boring and lame. I thought so too…how can food taste good without delicious starchy-ness? Without deep-fried crunchiness? Without meaty saturated fatiness? Well, my friend, it is entirely doable, you… Continue reading

The Vessel: Think Outside the Bread

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be about flavourless, textureless replacements, hungry, empty stomachs and hours and hours of cook time. In fact, healthy eating for me is just as fast if not faster… Continue reading

The Glories of Garlic

Garlic, although part of the onion family, definitely deserves its’ own post. I have a mild to mad obsession with garlic that stems from my father, who believes that garlic makes everything better… Continue reading

The Incredible Edible Egg

Eggs as a whole often get a bad rap, because of how high they are in cholesterol; about 70% of your recommended daily intake, or 213ish milligrams. However, recent studies show that eggs… Continue reading

How To Use A Lemon In Ten Ways

Aah the lemon…it is very fitting that my first blog post on this blog is about the lemon. It is the most basic and standard of all ingredients necessary in any kitchen, especially… Continue reading