About Notwell

Hi, my name is Kate but my friends call me Notwell. I have a diploma in Fitness Assessment & Health Promotion, 15+ years working in food and beverage, a love for cooking and creating, and a passion for health and wellness. A few years ago I found myself at 5’3” and about 230+ pounds, with terrible eating habits and avoiding all physical activity. One day I had been embarrassed enough and felt gross enough at my size to do something about it. I have lost about 100lbs and kept it off without trainers, fad diets, or crazy strict rules. I even fall off the wagon consistently. This blog is here to teach you how and why to eat real, honest food that’s good for you (and it helps you indulge from time to time too). Here you will find healthy recipes & food ideas, reviews of restaurants, products, & fitness stuff, and meaningful ways to indulge that won’t end in disaster.  Think of food in a whole new way, and be prepared to Get Well.